Watch your credit and debit card!

Today, we often and willingly use contactless payments. It’s comfortable and … it’s its only advantage – convenience. You don’t have to insert the card into the terminal and enter the PIN code, all you need is to get closer and paid! As we know, everything that is becoming more convenient to use is not necessarily safe. It is no different with contactless payments.

Comfort above security?


According to the great encyclopedia known to all, the first card was introduced as early as the late 1950s. The reason for creating such a payment method was the desire to implement a universal non-cash payment system. Nowadays, we live in a hurry, work and spend money – also in a hurry.

Therefore, it was decided to make our lives a little bit easier and contactless payments were introduced, which quite strongly displace payments by dragging the card with a magnetic strip through the reader. I mentioned earlier that security does not necessarily go hand in hand with comfort – it is true, but not entirely.

We can make payments up to PLN 50 without entering the PIN, above this amount we will be asked to enter it. This is a small consolation when we lose the card and do not block it in a timely manner. This may seem childish and logically obvious, but be sure to keep the card in a safe place, preferably in your wallet or other important documents, which we always remember.

Here are a few rules to follow to protect your money

Here are a few rules to follow to protect your money

Do not share the PIN with other people – yes, even the closest ones – Do not write it on the cards (it is easy to lose them!) – Do not put the card in visible places, e.g. on a table in a cafe or in the hotel reception – you can absent-mindedly forget her! (it happens even the most cautious) – if you’re forgetful – turn off the contactless payment option.

You will reduce the risk that someone will pay with your card for purchases when you lose it, – save your telephone hotline number in your phone so that you can call and block the card in an emergency, – set a difficult password in your profile in electronic banking, preferably masked (3D Secure ) and two-step verification, i.e. after entering the password you will have to enter the confirmation code from the SMS to prove that you are logging in to your account.

These are obvious and often ignored by many

These are obvious and often ignored by many

It is very easy to lose your card today. It’s like putting all our accumulated cash on a table in a public place and walking away. Threats lurk on our portfolio also on the web, so we invite you to read the article “Financial Traps: Online Shopping”, which is closely related to today’s topic.

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