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Welcome to - home of the all female gaming clan [*Girlz*]. We established in July of 1999, and throughout the years, we've played many of games. We started in Half-Life Death Match, and expanded into Counter-Strike, which is the game many of our members currently play. We've had divisions in Quake, UT2K3 and other miscellaneous games.

We are always recruiting members for our clan. We are looking for females with not only skills, you must also possess a friendly, outgoing attitude. Personality is of the most importance. We want friendly players who support and respect their clan and it's members. If you're interested in joining click here. We are currently recruiting girls to join our CS 1.6 & CS Source teams.


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[*Girlz*] All Female Gaming Clan

Art Of War Central Has A New Owner

Posted By: [*Girlz*]-Starlight


Art of War Central Game Server Hosting is under New Ownership by one of the original founders Dallas Behling.

Dallas Behling General Manager of Art of War Central "AoWC", announced today that Steve Phallen, President and CEO of North American Game Technology has sold the company brands Art of War Central, Wolf Servers, Bf3servers, Vskgamingservers, and WorldVpsHosting. Steve will no longer be associated with the 12 year old hosting company.

Dallas Behling, one of the original founders at Art of War Central has purchased the company. The business was founded in 2001 by Jay Roberts & Dallas Behling. ClingCentral LLC. Has made the acquisitions to buy all the brands.

North American Game Technology originally purchased the company in 2006, and remained owners up until February 2013, when Dallas Behling purchased the brands now incorporated in Cling Central, LLC

“Steve Phallen was a great leader and I will take what he has taught me over the years and put toward all aspect of business” - Dallas Behling

The new ownership brings strong leadership and direction to all of its products. This change provides Art of War Central a chance to solidify their direction and goals of providing superb quality, exceptional service and an improved customer experience. Industry vendors, suppliers and employees are excited about the movement created by this change and all our divisions remain committed to their customers.

"Under Steve Phallen's leadership, the company has evolved, and a lot of experience was gained under his guidance. I am confident that all this experience gained will help us usher Art of War Central to the next level." – Steve Cossette

New direction and Goals.

Our new direction we want to take for the company is to establish our old community ties in the online gaming communities. We are looking for Mod Developers, Game Developers, Gaming Leagues, gaming developments, and anything related to our industry. We want to support, and build with the online gaming communities, like did over 10 years ago.

“Dallas has done wonders for improving customer service where previously there was a lack. His ability to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements in his industry is inspiring. I’m excited to see where he will take Art of War Central in the future.” – Cherie Hudson

Performance & Cost

Game Server Hosting companies have become complacent when it comes to developing new technology, to improve performance and lower cost. Art of War Central has a new development team in development that will engage the game sever clients to give them advanced performance, availability, and lower the cost per hosting per game server.

“Steve Phallen was a great leader to the company. I have great respect for him. Sadly all things must eventually change. With this change of pace can only come progress though - Just like the times, that are ever changing, a company must adapt and grow. This change brings the opportunity for further growth and future opportunities for both us and our clients. I wish him well, and hope that in the future he continues to prosper.” – Marcus Ott

Hosting Partners

Since the new ownership has taken place at Art of War Central, investigations have been made into its partnerships and making dramatic changes to improve services quality. This has had effects on our clients, for a week during the move process. But we ensure all our clients these changes have been made to give a better service to our patrons, and any issues they have had during this process we will make sure they are taken care of.

Art of War Central is a leading game server and dedicated server hosting provider for online multi-player games. From their beginnings, as the original game server company, Art of War Central has continued to expand, to become one of the leading game servers available. With dedicated servers especially designed for gaming, Art of War Central is well known among gamers for their commitment to high speed, great service and low cost (as low as 99c). More information about Art of War Central can be found at

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[*Girlz*] All Female Gaming Clan

[*Girlz*] Condition Zero Server

Posted By: [*Girlz*]-Starlight

Come join us in our new Condition Zero Server! It's still in the process of being installed with map rotations and admin mods, but it is up and playable. Join us tonight and don't forget to add us to your favorites!

Thanks to Art of War Central!

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[*Girlz*] All Female Gaming Clan

AoWC Giving Away a Copy of CS:GO!

Posted By: [*Girlz*]-Starlight

Art of War Central has a speical treat for you this week. They are giving away a PC (steam) copy of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Upon release)!!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (also known as CS:GO or CSGO) is the third and latest installment in Valve Software‘s critically-acclaimed Counter-Strike series.

Art of War Central will be providing services for CS:GO as they have since Counter Strike (Original) Beta.

To Enter: Visit the Art of War Central Facebook Page for details!

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[*Girlz*] All Female Gaming Clan

Enter to win a trip to the Olympics in London from United Airlines!

Posted By: [*Girlz*]-Starlight

Enter to win a trip for 2 to the 2012 Olympics in London from United Airlines!! There will be 17 winners and it’s super EASY to enter!

The prize includes:
Event tickets to the Olympics

Click Here to Enter!

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[*Girlz*] All Female Gaming Clan

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Posted By: [*Girlz*]-Starlight

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.

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