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Everyone who has faced the need to take out a Tinker Bellgo loan at least once in their lives knows perfectly well how different current offers of various banks can be. The cost of credit is influenced by so many factors that virtually every offer is different. In one bank, the interest rate may be several percent lower than in the other, but at the same time the commission may be slightly higher, etc. Various combinations can be invented endlessly. If we wanted to compare all offers realistically, it would take us a few days. A few days spent in front of a computer with a notebook in which we would write down the amounts of any installments and the total cost of the loan. And what if we would like to extend the loan period? we would probably have to spend the next few days on new calculations. Comparing loans would be a really Sisyphean job if it wasn’t for online credit comparison websites! Special services that collect all information on current credit offers in all banks operating in Poland in one place.


Effective comparison of cash loans

Effective comparison of cash loans

It can be said that credit comparison websites have revolutionized the way of looking for attractive loan offers. Instead of tedious comparison of the most attractive offer for several days, we will have to calculate for a few seconds and then quickly analyze the results. Credit comparison websites have access to offers from all banks and loan companies on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this, the calculation of the installment and loan costs takes only a few seconds. The results are readable and sorted in order from the cheapest to the most expensive option. In addition to the installment amount, we have clearly indicated values ​​such as interest rate, commission amount, total APRC and loan cost expressed in the amount that we will have to return to the bank. With such data, you can easily analyze the results and quickly choose the most attractive offer. If you look at the entire table, you will easily notice the previously invisible differences in banks’ offers. Seemingly small differences in the monthly installment can have a huge impact on the total cost of the loan, especially for loans with extended repayment periods.


What formalities must be met to get a bank loan?

bank loan?

To get a bank loan, we must first of all submit an appropriate loan application. We can do it via the Internet, on the telephone hotline or in the Tinker Bellj stationary outlet. In all cases, we will need to confirm our identity using a document such as an ID card. It is possible that we will also be asked to send a verification transfer from the Tinker Bellgo account registered to our data.

When completing the application, we will need to provide, in addition to personal data, data on our employment, the amount of income we earn and fixed monthly commitments and household maintenance costs. On this basis, the bank will assess our creditworthiness, i.e. check whether we will be able to repay the loan installment calculated in the application regularly. In addition, our credit history at BIK will be checked. If in the past we had problems with the repayment of our loans, we will probably face a negative decision of the bank, especially in the case of higher loan amounts and low earnings.


Activation of a cash loan

money loan

However, if we receive a positive credit decision, we can count on starting the loan and receiving the requested funds. We will be provided with a contract containing all the most important information about the loan: its amount, repayment schedule and total amount to be paid, specifying all components. It will also contain all information about the possibilities and conditions for early repayment of the loan as well as the conditions for withdrawing from the contract (14 days from the date of acceptance of the contract). After accepting all the documents, we will only have to wait for the transfer from the bank to the bank account indicated in the application. Depending on the time of sending the transfer and the bank in which we have the account, the transfer can be seen to us within a few minutes or the next day.


Credit holidays

Credit holidays

Some banks offer an interesting option regarding credit holidays. If we repaid all installments on time, we can apply for a break of several months in collecting subsequent installments. You can make such a request, for example, before the holidays when we know that we will have slightly more expenses than usual. Banks usually agree to such solutions. The loan repayment length is extended by the given period or the subsequent installments are slightly larger. Instead, we have several months of “breath” from repayment of loan installments and we can allocate these funds to other expenses.

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